Zach Bloomstein
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Producer Engineer Mixer


Zach Bloomstein is a Boston based producer, engineer and mixer working out of 37ft Productions. 



Zach Bloomstein has always had a passion for music and audio, growing up he recorded everything.  While in high school he formed the band rock band Snowhaus and went on to record and tour with the band until 2017.  He decided to leave the band to pursue the studio full time.   With a degree in audio and media technology from the New England Institute of art he began freelancing and working at studios all over Boston.  In 2014 he made 37 ft productions his home.  In early 2017 when the studio expanded and built a new a room Zach moved all his gear into the existing control room. 



Joe Perry E

Elliot Easton - E

Chris Robinson - Vocal Engineering

Mint Green "Headspace" E M

Wax On "Homework" P E M

Bowling Shoes "Bowling Shoes" M

Year Of The Clam P E M

Pet Moth E M

Jodie Road "The EP" M

Daisybones "Gusto" / E

Laura "Sicilian Slang / Corduroy" P E M

Snowhaus "They Don't End Pretty" P E M 

Museum of Silence P E

Honey Cutt E

Andy Galdins E

Street Sity Surf  "Waterfall" P E M

Hixx  "Hixx" E M  

Anakdota "Overloading" M  Altrok Productions

SHEER "So Comes Love" M

SixFoxWhiskey "For Those Who Need Little" / “6fw” E 

Cam Burke "Omni-Epoch" P E M 

Seth Andreson "Amends" - M

Peter Montgomery "Baby Sunshine" E  Isabelle Records

Bow Thayer - Vocal Engineering

Jenna Lotti "Bad Habits" Assistant Engineer 

Buckabeat - Drum Editor

Chuck McDermott "Irresistible Targets" E

Jesse Ahern "Searching for Liberty" P E M

The 81s With Luella "Big Man" M

The Amy Incident "The Amy Incident" P E M

Jump Start "Here's to You" P E M

Sarah Blacker "In Waves" Assistant Engineer

Creature Comforts P E M

Nico Rivers “Tiny Death" E

Squirrel Flower "Contact Sports"  E  It Takes Time Records

Yacht Club "How To Take Care of Cut Flowers" M Vocal Engineering

Hago "Hago" E

Ellen Siberian Tiger "I Cant Help It" E Co-P

Sparrow Blue "Mabel" E M

Jack Romanov "Sincerely" P E M Naked Ear Records


P - Producer

E - Engineer

M - Mixer



Sean McLaughlin

Barry Marshall

Benny Grotto

Lorne Entress

Drew Townsend

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